Alexander charges $50 per hour for his decluttering service.

Home Organizing

Unfortunately, you may find yourself completely overwhelmed with the clutter in the majority of your rooms, and you're unable to make a start. The Tidy Scotsman is here to hold your hand and guide you in transforming the chaos into calm order. The Tidy Scotsman will help you come up with a plan to tackle one room at a time. The Tidy Scotsman works alongside a junk removal company to remove those belongings that are deemed no longer of value.

Room Organizing

The Tidy Scotsman prefers helping people with a specific cluttered room, which typically tends to be a spare bedroom or a storage room. Whatever the chaos in that room, Alexander will be happy to transform your cluttered space into a room you are entirely comfortable in.

Pantry Organizing

A pantry can be a blessing, but at the same time, it can be a hindrance. This extra space in the kitchen is a godsend, but with time can get so cluttered that we spend so much time looking for specific items. A pantry is The Tidy Scotsman's favorite area to declutter and organize. Alexander is passionate about nutrition and well being and a few years ago became a certified coach through the institute of integrative nutrition. Alexander is delighted to help you throw out those items no longer aligned with your dietary requirements.

Fridge Organizing

In his book, Alexander's favorite chapter is the chapter called ``Beer Fridge,`` which jokes about men, particularly having fridges filled mostly with beer and old pizza boxes. Many people have cluttered fridges, and as a pantry, it can take a little longer to find items. Alexander will help you overhaul your fridge and give you some organizing solutions to help you find things more comfortable.

Basement Organizing

Basements are a convenient area to store things, and with time, basements can become so cluttered that homeowners are overwhelmed with all their stuff to the point they don't go to their basements unless they have to. It doesn't need to be that way, and The Tidy Scotsman is happy to help declutter your basement and organize the things you want to keep.

Garage Organizing

A garage allows a homeowner to house a car or maybe two cars, but the reality is that many people see the garage as more storage space. With the cold Alberta winters, there is an opportunity to create that space so homeowners can safely park the car in the garage. No one wants to scrape off the snow during the winter months. The Tidy Scotsman is happy to help you create that space so you can park your car in the garage all year round.

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